Nikolas Wereszczyński is a Polish artist living in London whose work is often influenced by his Slavic heritage, with a  focus on nature, spirituality, people and the relationship between the three. He is largely inspired by folklore, the Golden Age of illustration and Ukiyo-e.

He enjoys working with a variety of media, including gouache, pen and ink, linocut printing and acrylic painting. He enjoys symbolism and focuses on the sense of beauty, wonder and serenity in his works.

Nikolas is represented by Laura I. Gallery in London.

Exhibitions & Events

Dreaming of Folk, Solo Exhibition, June 2021,

Featured Artist, Stables in Exile Gallery, 2020,

Illustration & Print Open, Deptford Does Art, 2020,

Autumn Salon, Candid Arts Trust, 2020,

Lush Store Bromley, 2020,

Shake Bristol, 2019,

House of Illustration Summer Fair, 2018,

University of East London Annual Art Auction, 2017-2019, University of East London End of Year Exhibition, 2017

Awards & Achievements

2020- Longlist, Association of Illustrators' 'World Illustration. Awards, Exploration Category


Nikolas Wereszczyński: Polish artist using Folklore as inspiration and escapism in difficult times,

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Sam, Art Hole #4, 2020, Pages 16 & 17


Mary Pünjer and Mary Pünjer with Mother, “Zuchwała, Mary Pünjer”, Replika #73, 2018, Pages 28 & 29

Wołchw, “Transcendent Trangressions: Dark Visions of Transgender Artists”, Independent zine by various artists, 2017